Friday, November 13, 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Just Believe the Bible Is True

I was once playing video games for a few minutes when I was confronted with a worldview alien to my own. “Question everything,” a quiet voice said while the game loaded. The little voice went away, and the bombing of enemy citadels soon commenced, but that moment has stuck with me ever since. In it, I heard the spirit of the age—and the temptation of the ages.

Ever since the serpent’s first words to Adam and Eve, humanity has wrestled with whether God can be trusted. The snake questioned God, and planted in the minds of Adam and Eve doubts over whether Yahweh had truly spoken, and spoken truly. Satan targeted the truthfulness of God, initiating an unending series of challenges to this doctrine.

The truthfulness of Scripture is a perpetual issue for evangelicals. Today, however, the church faces a related challenge: the goodness of Scripture.

We are being asked at every turn to prove why Scripture’s perspective is morally sound. If the preeminent question of past generations was “Is the Bible true?,” today we’re being asked “Is the Bible good?” Sure, Scripture may have epistemic authority. But does it have moral authority? Read more

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